October 2013

Wednesday Study October 9th

Wednesday Study October 2nd

August 2013

Wednesday August 21, 2013

Wednesday August 14, 2013

July 2013

In It But Not Of It

Listen and be blessed.

Victory in Jesus – What Does it Mean for Me?

Beginning in Psalms and moving throughout scriptures, Pastor reveals precious truths from God’s Word.

June 2013

Power for the life of the Believer

Pastor brings more biblical insight for your life in this revealing Word from the Lord!

Keep Fear Out and Let the Word In!

If we feed the Word into our hearts, we can reap peace in our lives.  The devil comes to steal that Word so it won’t take root.  It is important for our spirit man to hear the voice of God and shut out the voice of fear and anxiety.  The Bible says faith comes by […]

May 2013

Wednesday Fire

Pastor Greg delivers a Spirit-Filled message filled with power for your life!

Obey the Grace of God in Your Life!

God knows your heart and weighs your thoughts and actions.  He has grace available to you as a believer to give you the power you need to walk in love.  Do you want to have a full life and sit with God someday in Heaven?  Then obey the grace of God.  Listen to this message […]