May 2013

Victory for your Life

Need Victory over sin in your life?  Looking for a time of refreshing?  Listen to this message from Pastor to be blessed today!

April 2013

The Anointing of God

God’s anointing is something we should desire above all else in our lives.  Be hungry, be seeking, keep your heart and mind focused on receiving God’s power.  If we honor and esteem Him, He will drop his anointing on us.  Listen to this message to learn more about what we need to do as believers […]

Trust in God and Take Authority

The world today is putting their trust in politicians, money, position – and thus are ultimately left empty.  As believers, we have the true source of power – Trust in God.  Use the Word and your faith to take authority over situations, and put trust in God to give you the victory!

Powerful Keys

Another powerful Wednesday message is delivered to uplift you and give you keys to winning your battles over the enemy and giving you Victory in Jesus!  Listen in as Pastor Greg breaks opens the Word and be blessed!01 Wed 04-10

Know Your Enemy: the devil exposed

Satan is a liar, a thief, and hater of all God’s creation, and he is out to destroy you!  Learn about your enemy and how to defeat him by listening to this revealing message by Pastor Greg.

March 2013

Holy Week

As Good Friday and Easter approaches, Pastor Greg brings a message about the Holy Week leading up to these amazing days.  Listen to this and reflect on the wonderful love God has for his creation and the passionate determination that led Jesus to Calvary to rescue us!

February 2013

John 21 – Peter and Jesus

Pastor Greg finishes the Wednesday study series on the Gospel of John, highlighting Peter’s final interaction with Jesus and how it can relate to our Christian walk.

The Resurrected Savior

Pastor Greg continues a study in John, now in chapter 20.  Hear all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and how this amazing event has changed our lives forever.  Just like Peter, who went directly into the tomb without hesitating, it’s time for us to go all in with the power of Christ to be […]

What’s on Your Mind?

Isaiah 26:3-4 talks about perfect peace for those whose mind is fixed on the Lord.   As believers, our minds should constantly be on Christ, but often we feed our mind other distractions and our peace is stolen.   Guest speaker Rev. Shannon Rust explains key thoughts on making Christ the center of our thought life every […]

Jesus at the Cross: Prophecies Fulfilled

Pastor Greg continues his series in John, covering the events leading up to and including the crucifixion of our Lord.  Hear how many prophecies in the Old Testament are fulfilled in Jesus’s death.  As believers, we need to ask God for a true revelation of heaven and hell, and understand just what an amazing sacrifice […]