April 2014

Let Us Draw Near

There is a difference between God’s omnipresence and His Manifested presence. Is it your desire to take God everywhere you go? To be seen as someone having been with Jesus.  It is possible and Pastor Greg shares wisdom from God’s Word to tell you how.

If Jesus Rode in Your Midst, Would Your Recognize Him?

On Palm Sunday, we remember how Jesus’ triumphantly entered Jerusalem. Did those welcoming Jesus that day know that before them was the Creator of the Universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob … their Savior? Would you, if Jesus was before you? Listen as Pastor Greg shares a sermon worthy of reflection and be […]

FAITH and the Gifts of the Spirit

Do you desire the gifts of the Spirit to operate in your life? They are gifts from our Heavenly Father for each one of us who belong to Jesus. But, we must understand there is a process to receiving and operating in the gifts of the Spirit. Listen as Pastor Greg digs deeply into God’s […]

March 2014

“If I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me”

Jesus’s very Words to us tell exactly how we are to win the lost. Share the gospel. Lift up JESUS. Pastor Greg gives a compelling and stirring message for the church to share Jesus, for there is salvation found in NO OTHER NAME.

Bearing Fruit

If we allow the Word of God to shape our lives, cut us back from the things of this world, we’ll bring forth more fruit. Are you enjoying your salvation? Are you maintaining the JOY of God in your heart? Do you have the peace that passes understanding alive on the inside bearing fruit? We […]

Consider the High Priest of Our Confession Part 2

Pastor Greg continues teaching on the need for Jesus in our lives. We need to realize that satan cannot get to us unless we give him access. We must stay IN CHRIST JESUS to remain protected, which requires continually renewing your mind on God’s Word. God does not want us defeated. Jesus didn’t come to […]

Consider the High Priest of Our Confession Part 1

Consider what Jesus is able to do in your life if you will allow Him. He is bigger than anything you will ever face. Bring all that you have and lay it at His feet. There is no better offer you will ever receive. Pastor Greg delivers an inspiring message that is surely to have […]

Unity: Laboring for Jesus

When you come into the family of God, you are called to be planted in a local church, baptized in the Holy Ghost, baptized in water, learn the Word, grow in grace, develop the Fruit of the Spirit and step into a position of ministry the Lord anoints you to fill. That is how the […]

Where Your Treasure Is Part 3

Pastor Greg continues his message series on finances. If you missed the first 2 sessions, do go back and listen to Parts 1 & 2. Know what God’s Word says about your finances. You can only obey God’s Word if you know what it says.

Where Your Treasure Is Part 2

Pastor Greg continues to teach on finances and our role as New Testament Believers. If God’s work is important to you, you will, in obedience and in love, give cheerfully into Kingdom work. By tithing, we worship God.