March 2014

Where Your Treasure Is Part 3

Pastor Greg continues his message series on finances. If you missed the first 2 sessions, do go back and listen to Parts 1 & 2. Know what God’s Word says about your finances. You can only obey God’s Word if you know what it says.

Where Your Treasure Is Part 2

Pastor Greg continues to teach on finances and our role as New Testament Believers. If God’s work is important to you, you will, in obedience and in love, give cheerfully into Kingdom work. By tithing, we worship God.

Where Your treasure Is Part 1

Go after God’s wisdom first and you’ll have all the finances you need, but if the finances is what you seek, you will loose God’s presence and blessing in your life. Our finances are the first test of where our heart is. The Word is clear that you cannot serve two masters. Which one are […]

February 2014

Wednesday 2/26/2014

Wednesday 2/26/2014

Worshipping God in Spirit and in Truth

What does it mean to worship God in Spirit and in Truth? Do you understand the difference between psalms, hymns and spiritual songs?  It is important to understand if we desire to obey God’s Word.  Listen as Pastor Greg breaks it down and divulges how to get to the Holy of Holies.

Godly Relationships Series – Part 4 : Parents & Children

As parents and grandparents, we have influence in our children’s lives. If you sow into their lives according to the Word of God – you WILL reap a harvest. Listen as Pastor Greg shares from the Word, the target we need to have for our children.

Godly Relationships Series – Part 3 : Biblical Roles

A healthy home is one where the husband and wife are filled with the Spirit of God and the fruit of the Spirit is operating thru each one. We must each take responsibility for our own actions and conduct ourselves in a way that honors God in the way we treat one another. When we, […]

Godly Relationships Series – Part 2 : Biblical Foundations

Satan wants to tear down the foundation and structure of the christian, biblical family so that he can kill, steal and destroy. We must be wiser and build our homes on the Rock. Listen as Pastor Greg gives vital instruction, from God’s Holy Word on how to build a strong foundation that can not be […]

Godly Relationships Series – Part 1 : A Peaceful Home


January 2014

Wednesday, January 29th