March 2013

Being an Effective Witness

We all meet people in our everyday life, but how can we be a witness?  Listen to this message and learn how to give your testimony some strength, and get the attention of your co-workers, friends, and family.

Keep the Door Open

When God opens a door, no man can shut it.  Are you in position for God to open doors for you?  Find out how to be in God’s flow of power and blessing for your life by listening to this challenging message

Be a Giver!

Pastor continues preaching on tithing and giving from last Sunday morning.  In this message, we learn about giving beyond the tithe and all the blessings that will occur in a giver’s life.  You can expect good things to come your way since you are a giver.  Listen to the Word’s requirements and do them, and […]

Bring in the Tithe!

Tithing.  Is it important?  Did the New Testament Bible do away with Old Testament tithing requirements?  Are we really blessed if we give to God first?  Does He care about it?  Pastor Greg answers these questions and offers some challenges and reveals rewards available to the tithing believer in this week’s message.

February 2013

John 21 – Peter and Jesus

Pastor Greg finishes the Wednesday study series on the Gospel of John, highlighting Peter’s final interaction with Jesus and how it can relate to our Christian walk.

The Resurrected Savior

Pastor Greg continues a study in John, now in chapter 20.  Hear all about the resurrection of Jesus Christ and how this amazing event has changed our lives forever.  Just like Peter, who went directly into the tomb without hesitating, it’s time for us to go all in with the power of Christ to be […]

The Authority of the Believer

Genesis 1:28 reveals that we were all made in God’s image.  Is this a physical likeness? A social likeness?  Pastor Greg expounds on how we were made in the spiritual image of God, and thus we have access to the same authority Christ has, so long as we come under the authority of the Word. 

It’s Our Turn Now!

Pastor Greg starts in 1John 3:16 and asks the question:  Would you lay your life down for Christ or others?  As Christians, we are called to, and Jesus is our example.  His perfect Love casts out all fear.  Learn how to grow and perfect your love walk as you listen to this intriguing message.  If […]

The Love of Christ

Loving kindness is God’s nature and his covenant with us.  His outlook is always positive toward His sons and daughters, so we as believers need to accept His love and walk in it.  In turn, we need to love Him by obeying His commands.  Listen as Pastor Greg expounds on the great Love God has […]

Jesus at the Cross: Prophecies Fulfilled

Pastor Greg continues his series in John, covering the events leading up to and including the crucifixion of our Lord.  Hear how many prophecies in the Old Testament are fulfilled in Jesus’s death.  As believers, we need to ask God for a true revelation of heaven and hell, and understand just what an amazing sacrifice […]