June 2013

The Life of Hezekiah

II Kings 18 describes the life of Hezekiah, the King of Judah.  Scripture tells us how he cleansed the temples of idols, and sent letters to the tribes encouraging them to seek the Lord’s ways that had been forsaken.  A great sweep of the Spirit moved throughout the kingdom and the House of God was […]

Follow on to Know the Lord

Hosea Chapter 6 reveals that great promises are available to the believer IF we follow on to know the Lord.  God wants us to truly know Him, not just know about Him.  He wants us to go deeper.  As believers, He has forgiven our past, and is ready to give us the true freedom that […]

Meeting God at the Mercy Seat

Aren’t you glad God wants to meet us at the Mercy Seat and not at the Judgement Seat?  As believers, we need to be honest with ourselves and look at the areas we need to work on admit we are wrong, be quick to repent and allow the Power of God to change us!  God wants […]

May 2013

Wednesday Fire

Pastor Greg delivers a Spirit-Filled message filled with power for your life!

Sunday Evening Manna

Listen to another faith-filled sermon from Pastor Greg and be uplifted in your walk with Jesus!

Memorial Day 2013

Listen to a thrilling Memorial Day message from Pastor Greg!

Obey the Grace of God in Your Life!

God knows your heart and weighs your thoughts and actions.  He has grace available to you as a believer to give you the power you need to walk in love.  Do you want to have a full life and sit with God someday in Heaven?  Then obey the grace of God.  Listen to this message […]

Being Filled with the Spirit of God

There is a continual filling of the Spirit of God available to the believer.  The Spirit is a Producer, and He is ready to produce revelation (knowing God’s wisdom), joy, power, and boldness for your life.  On this Pentecost Sunday, celebrate the Holy Spirit and embrace his gifts.  This message from Pastor Greg will inspire […]

Victory for your Life

Need Victory over sin in your life?  Looking for a time of refreshing?  Listen to this message from Pastor to be blessed today!

Sunday Evening Revival

Listen to this powerful Sunday evening message to revive your spirit and increase the power of God in your life!