December 2012

Jesus: The Great I Am

Jesus is God eternal. Self existing, uncreated. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1 Jesus is the great I Am. Jesus is all that you’ll ever need. 

Diligent Discipleship

Your future is determined by what you are feeding your heart right now. You must be diligent about what you are taking in and then guard your heart so that satan doesn’t steal the Word you receive. You must know the truth and refuse to accept anything contrary so that you can have what God […]

November 2012

A God Controlled Mind

If you desire to walk in the peace, joy and victory of the Lord, you must choose to believe God’s Word and act upon it. Your mind is where you receive all that goes into your heart and God gives us instruction on how we should filter every thought that comes into our minds so […]

Keeping a Heart Filled with Thanksgiving

Pastor Greg shares biblical principles on bringing forth the fragrance of Jesus into our lives by maintaining an attitude of praise and thanksgiving, which allows us to live in the favor of God.

Wearing an Ornament of Grace

Pastor Greg teaches from the Word how to have favor in our lives with God and with man. We don’t seek after riches and honor, but we seek to honor our Lord and then receive what God has promised. We can stand upon His Word.

Wednesday Service

Complete in Jesus

October 2012

Using Our Faith

Faith speaks the Word of God to our situation to move mountains and receive God’s promises. God has given us all the measure of faith. Pastor Greg shares what the Bible says about using our faith and growing it to bear much fruit in our lives.

Jesus the Servant

Pastor Greg revisits the text of John 13, this time examining the aspects of Christian servanthood as exemplified in the actions of Jesus.  Are you ready to be a Godpleaser and not a manpleaser?  Then this message is for you!

A Nation That Will Bear Fruit

Don’t sit on the sidelines and think the future of our Nation doesn’t matter. As a christian, God calls us to be involved in the vineyard. What can the righteous do? Pastor Greg encourages us in our responsibility to cast an informed vote that honors God and to pray for our Nation and leaders.   […]