May 2013

A God-Fearing Mother is a Priceless Treasure

Proverbs 31 gives us God’s view of the priceless treasure that is womanhood and mothering.  On this Mother’s Day message, Pastor opens the Word to reveal all the virtues and blessings that a God-fearing mother bestows upon those that she touches every day.  Listen to this and remember to thank God for your mother and […]

God is Giving YOU a Formal Invitation!

One day we will go to be with Jesus and live with Him forever.  The Spirit and the Bride say “Come!”, and we have been invited to go to heaven and walk the streets of gold with Jesus.  The Bible is full of invitations for love, joy, and everlasting life, but are you going to […]

April 2013

Keys of Wisdom

The fear of the Lord, praise, worship – these are just some of the keys for obtaining the wisdom of God.  If you need some wisdom, listen to this message to learn how to prepare and position yourself to receive the wisdom that can only come from the One who made you and calls you […]

Submit yourself to Jesus!

Pastor delivers another power-packed message that will bring you closer to Him.  There is peace in perfect submission to Christ.  Are you searching for someone to lead your life, or are you going your own way?  Jesus is the ultimate leader and submission to Him is a key to victory.  Listen and learn!

The Anointing of God

God’s anointing is something we should desire above all else in our lives.  Be hungry, be seeking, keep your heart and mind focused on receiving God’s power.  If we honor and esteem Him, He will drop his anointing on us.  Listen to this message to learn more about what we need to do as believers […]

Fruit of the Spirit

The fruit of the Spirit is so much more than just being polite and nice to others, its a supernatural, God-given ability to love others, feel peace in your life, have joy unspeakable, and let the overflow bless the lives of the others you meet everyday, no matter what the circumstance.  Listen to this stirring […]

Trust in God and Take Authority

The world today is putting their trust in politicians, money, position – and thus are ultimately left empty.  As believers, we have the true source of power – Trust in God.  Use the Word and your faith to take authority over situations, and put trust in God to give you the victory!

Healing Part III

If you need a healing, or are believing for a healing in someone’s life that you love, then listen to this message to be uplifted and increase your faith.  Jesus’s  power is available to you to move mountains.  This part III in the series builds on the truth that healing is your right as a […]

Healing Part II

Pastor continues the powerful series on healing.  Does God heal every time?  What are some factors that need to be considered when praying and believing for your healing?  What if the healing is not instant, has God failed?  Should the believer be offended when the healing does not come as quickly as hoped? Listen to […]

Powerful Keys

Another powerful Wednesday message is delivered to uplift you and give you keys to winning your battles over the enemy and giving you Victory in Jesus!  Listen in as Pastor Greg breaks opens the Word and be blessed!01 Wed 04-10