January 2012

Biblical Qualifications for New Test. Leadership Part 1

God’s house is a place where His Honor dwells. Those that serve as an overseer or deacon in His house must exemplify a life that is above reproach. Pastor Greg outlines the standard for those holding such an office of leadership,  according to the Word of God found in I Timothy 3. This is part […]

Transformation by God’s Word

God desires for us to have our lives transformed as we renew the spirit of our minds on His Word and act on it. Pastor Greg leads a study of God’s Word and teaches how to have God’s power come through in your life.

Living By Faith

Receiving God’s blessing requires us to step out in obedience. Nothing is too difficult for God. He is always more than enough for our situation. Based on II Kings7:1-9, Pastor Greg shares an inspiring message to go after the vision God has put in our hearts and not let fear, apathy or laziness keep us […]

Conceived of the Holy Spirit

God ideas come when you’re on your knees, on your face before Almighty God, seeking Him and His direction. God drops things on the inside of you, conceived of the Holy Ghost. Pastor Greg challenges us with the Word of God to come out and be separate. Are you hungry to obey the Word or […]

November 2009

So Great A Salvation

Pastor Greg brings a message on the salvation purchased by the precious blood of our dear Savior, Christ Jesus. How does your life reflect such a great salvation?

April 2009

Sowing the Word of God

The Word of God has a harvest in itself, but we need to know how to be spiritual farmers. Based on Mark 4:1-38, Pastor Greg teaches how to take God’s Word, plant it and receive the harvest.