March 2012

Hope & Change You Can Believe In

We are to be ready for Jesus’ return. Not found caught up in the things of this world, but being about the Master’s business… saving souls. I Corinthians 15:51-53 says that in the twinkling of an eye, we, the church,  shall be changed – clothed with perishable and immortality. We’ll be dressed for the marriage […]

February 2012

Speaking the Truth in Love About Hell

Heaven and hell are real places. Every person is headed to one or the other.  We get the privilege to share Jesus with those around us. Pastor Greg stirs up our evangelist heart with a teaching on the reality of hell and the sacrifice Jesus made so none would have to go there. What a […]


Gina Burk, from Isaiah 61 Ministries, was with us as a special guest speaker for WMs Day. (womens ministry) She brought us a fresh word on healing and spoke prophetically over the church and many inside. Be blessed by this inspirational message.

The Moving of the Spirit

Are you hungry for the moving of God’s Spirit? Do you desire to be led by the Spirit, to hear His still small voice and walk it out in your life? To do so means you need to be ready to receive and respond when God’s Spirit moves. Pastor Greg is teaching from the Word […]

Growing Up In Christ Jesus

Now is the time for the Body of Christ to be moving forward, growing up in Christ Jesus. No longer bound by past sins, no longer clinging to former behaviors of sin, but growing up in all that God has provided for and called us to. Pastor Greg shares the truth revealed in God’s Word, […]

God’s Will is His Word

Are you believing God for something? What scripture are you standing on? Pastor Greg teaches from the Word of God on how to have a faith that pleases God. Faith begins where the Word of God is known.

Biblical Qualifications for New Testament Leadership Part 5

Pastor Greg concludes Part 4 of his teaching on Biblical Qualifications of New Testament Leadership.

Fulfilling the Law of God

When God’s law is written on your heart, you are given the desire and the power to fulfill it. Pastor Greg teaches from Matthew 22:36-40 on how we can fulfill the commandments of God.

Is Your Name Known in Hell?

Jesus I know, and I know about Paul, but who are you? Acts 19:15 The church needs to be offensive against the devil’s schemes.  If we are effective in our walk, he will know us, not because we’re defeated but because we are in Christ Jesus.  Pastor Greg brings an encouraging message for us to […]

January 2012

Biblical Qualifications For New Test. Leadership Part 3

Pastor Greg continues teaching from I Timothy 3 on the qualifications outlined in God’s Word for those desiring to serve the church in an overseer or deacon position.