January 2013

Spiritual Guidance

Follow Pastor Greg as he leads you on a journey to discover how the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, leads the believer in all truth.  Beginning in John 16 and moving throughout the New Testament, you will learn how the Holy Spirit is THE source of wisdom, power, and blessing.

Righteous Standing

As members of the Body of Christ, we are clothed in the Righteousness of Christ. But what is our responsibility once we have been made righteous? Listen as Pastor Greg teaches how to work out our salvation as we walk daily with our Lord.

December 2012

Persecution Will Come

When the truth of God’s Word is shared, persecution will come. Should we be surprised? The Bible warns us that we will face persecution just as Jesus did. Pastor Greg teaches on how we, as disciples of Jesus Christ, should respond.

November 2012

Wednesday Service

October 2012

Jesus the Servant

Pastor Greg revisits the text of John 13, this time examining the aspects of Christian servanthood as exemplified in the actions of Jesus.  Are you ready to be a Godpleaser and not a manpleaser?  Then this message is for you!

Have Your Feet Been Washed?

A study in the 13th Chapter of John. 

September 2012

Knowing The Truth About Christ

What is your perception of who Jesus is?  Is He the Son of God?  The people who followed Jesus all saw his works and miracles, yet some believed and some were blinded.  Hear the truth about the majesty of Jesus and apply it in your life.

God’s Testimony

July 2012

Walking in Confidence Toward God

Because of sin, the world is condemned to eternal separation from God. BUT, because of Jesus’ death and resurrection, we’ve been offered eternal life and freedom from condemnation. Pastor Greg shares how to walk in confidence towards God, knowing that we are in right standing.

The Outpouring of the Holy Ghost