June 2012

The Mighty Baptism of the Holy Spirit

The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is a gift, given from God, to ALL. If God gave it, we must need it. Not for salvation, but to live out our salvation here on earth. Come thirsty and receive.

April 2012

Jesus – The Great Soul Winner

Jesus was a great soul winner, not by becoming like the world, but by reaching out to a hurting world with the healing power of God. Sin will keep you bound and take you to hell. What the world needs, is disciples willing to follow in Jesus’ footsteps and to speak the truth in love. […]

The Wedding at Cana

Pastor Greg gives an expository teaching on the familiar passage of John 2, the wedding at Cana. Grab your Bible and listen as God’s truth is revealed. The Holy Spirit is our guide as we unfold the mysteries hidden for us in God’s Holy Word.

To Be Born Again

The reason so many Christians get caught up into bondage and not walking in the victory they should walk in is they see themselves through the lens of the natural man. If we get our eyes on what really happened on the inside, the new man in Christ Jesus and let the life of God […]

Jesus: Your High Priest, Sacrifice and Intercessor

Our personal life mission should be the same as Jesus, “I have glorified you on the earth: I have finished the work which you gave me to do” John 17:4 We all have influence over the people God has placed in our lives. We have the task of making Jesus real to them. People should […]

March 2012

God Reveals Jesus

God didn’t only bring salvation through Jesus, but He has made it real and the Holy Spirit is drawing all men unto the Father.

Living in the Light

        The Word of Truth brings light into the darkness. Let your light shine wherever you go because the darkness in this world cannot overcome it. Once again, Pastor Greg unfolds the truths found in God’s Word to inspire and encourage us, the body of Christ, to live a life of victory. […]

February 2012

Speaking the Truth in Love About Hell

Heaven and hell are real places. Every person is headed to one or the other.  We get the privilege to share Jesus with those around us. Pastor Greg stirs up our evangelist heart with a teaching on the reality of hell and the sacrifice Jesus made so none would have to go there. What a […]

The Moving of the Spirit

Are you hungry for the moving of God’s Spirit? Do you desire to be led by the Spirit, to hear His still small voice and walk it out in your life? To do so means you need to be ready to receive and respond when God’s Spirit moves. Pastor Greg is teaching from the Word […]

God’s Will is His Word

Are you believing God for something? What scripture are you standing on? Pastor Greg teaches from the Word of God on how to have a faith that pleases God. Faith begins where the Word of God is known.