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June 2014

One Nation Under God

Do you look around and wonder what has happened to the USA you knew? You’re not alone. Remember that God is not taken by surprise at anything we see or do. Rev. Cliff Elkins takes us to the Word of God and unfolds what God says about the time and hour in which we live.

January 2013

A Troubled Nation

When you look around at events taking place in America, you can see there is trouble all around. What does God’s Word have to say about our times? Rev. Cliff Elkins shares God’s Word as it sheds light on our current times.

August 2012

The Party is Over – Prepare to Meet Your God

Part 1 of 2 The day is coming and soon approaching when we will all stand before God. We need to pray for repentance in our Nation AND see to it that our own house is in order. Never give up on anyone. While the Lord tarries, there is always hope. Part 2 of 2 […]