November 2017





November 2013

Revival with the Carvers 2013

Rev. Don and Doris Carver were with us for Revival Meeting Nov. 3 – Nov. 6. All meetings can be heard below.    

May 2012

Revival 5 The Spirit of God Alive in You

The last night of revival and what a spectacular finale. Thank you Rev. Don and Doris Carver for blessing us with your ministry and thank you Holy Spirit for reviving us with your presence and power!  

Revival 4 – God’s Love

God’s amazing love. He first loved us. We need to be filled to overflowing so we can love others with His perfect love. Walking in love at all times, toward all people.   Revival 4 Altar Time [audio:|titles=10-08 Revival 4 Altar Time – Revival]

Revival 3 – The River of God

Come, jump in the river of God and be revived. Be refreshed. All you have need of, God has for you.

Revival 1 – The Anointing Makes the Difference

The same anointing that was on Jesus is available to us who are in Christ Jesus. John 14:12 The anointing is what makes the difference. God can use any age, none too young, none too old.

Revival 2 – Saved to be Changed

We all need to be freed from the bondage of sin. Once we accept Jesus’ atonement, God begins to change us from the inside out, if we yield to Him. Do you want to be changed? Come to the only one that is able and willing to make you a new creation and finish the […]